The Catherine Stanton Family  

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Standing From Left to Right:
Lula Ryan, Joseph Ryan, Pearl Ryan, Clarence Ryan, Ralph Ryan, Vivian Ryan, Arthur Ryan, Nora Ryan
Seated From Left to Right:
Edward J. Ryan, Catherine Stanton Ryan

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Life In America

        Catherine Stanton was born on March 5, 1867. It is not know her exact birth date or place but it is belived she was born in America. During her travels she met and married a man named Edward J. Ryan and together raised eight children: four boys named Ralph, Joseph, Aurthur, and Clarence; and four girls named Lulu, Nora, Pearl, and Vivian.

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Family Dates To Remember

        The table below contains as much birth, marriage, and decease information as we could find for the immediate family of Catherine Stanton.

Husband and Wife
Name Birthdate/Place Marriage Date/Information Decease Date/Place
Catherine Stanton March 5,1867 in Columbia County, Wisconsin Catherine Stanton and Edward Ryan married on February 24, 1886. April 11, 1946
Edward Ryan August 30, 1860 in Dane County, Wisconsin October 1, 1940
Children of Catherine Stanton and Edward Ryan
Name Birthdate/Place Marriage Date/Information Decease Date/Place
Lulu Ryan September 8, 1890 Joe McCarten September 21, 1972
Nora Mary Ryan February 10, 1892 Never married May 11, 1984
Ralph Edward Ryan May 21, 1894 Mary King January 16, 1972
Joseph Ryan July 4, 1897 Mildred Cole on November 30, 1922 April 3, 1963
Pearl Ryan September 4, 1898 Anthony J. Gaffney Not Applicable - go Pearl!
Arthur Ryan March 25, 1900 Velma Derleth November 26, 1969
Clarence Edward Ryan December 5, 1900 Helen Costello June 4, 1982
Vivian Ryan May 8, 1905 Carl Peik September 1994

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Family Members To Visit

        To visit the families of Catherine Stanton and Edward Ryan simply click on their name.

Parents of Catherine Stanton
Michael Stanton Nora Canty
Parents of Edward Ryan
Dennis Ryan Julia Moen
Children of Catherine Stanton and Edward Ryan
Lulu Ryan Nora Mary Ryan Joseph Ryan
Ralph Edward Ryan Pearl Ryan Arthur Ryan
Clarence Edward Ryan Vivian Ryan

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