The Eugene Francis Goss Family

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Eugene Francis Goss

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Life In America

        Eugene Francis Goss was born in New Hampton, Iowa on Feb 8, 1950 to parents Joseph John Goss and Signora Ann Attleson. He is currently working in a food manufacturing facility in New Hampton. Gene at one time was married to a woman named Claudia Miller but his currently divorced. They never had children. 

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Family Dates To Remember

        The table below contains as much birth, marriage, and decease information as we could find for the family of Eugene Francis Goss.

Husband and Wife
Name Birthdate/Place Marriage Date/Information Decease Date/Place
Eugene Francis Goss New Hampton, Iowa on Feb 8, 1950 Sept 21, 1974 in Urbana, Illinois N/A
Claudette Ann Miller Unknown N/A

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Parents of Cheryl Ann Goss
Joseph John Goss Signora Ann Attleson

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