The Nora Canty Family  

There is no known Nora Canty family picture at this time

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Their Journey To America

        Nora Canty (daughter of Thomas Canty) was born in Ireland around 1828 and probably migrated to America around the same time as her brother, Owen (between 1848 and 1860). Nora married Michael Stanton (son of Edmund Stanton) also a native of Ireland who migrated to America with his family. Together Nora and Michael raised eight children: four boys named Edward, Thomas, John, and Michael; and four girls named Marguerite, Maria, Elizabeth, and Catherine. It is believed that Marguerite and Catherine married two brothers from the same family, Thomas Ryan and Edward Ryan, respectively.

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Family Dates To Remember

        The table below contains as much birth, marriage, and decease information as we could find for the immediate family of Nora Canty.

Husband and Wife
Name Birthdate/Place Marriage Date/Information Decease Date/Place
Nora Canty 1828 in Ireland There is no information about the marriage between Nora Canty and Michael Stanton Sauk City, Wisconsin in 1885
Michael Stanton Kerry County, Ireland in 1839 Brett, Iowa
Children of Nora Canty and Michael Stanton
Name Birthdate/Place Marriage Date/Information Decease Date/Place
Margaret Stanton 1860 Thomas Ryan Unknown
Maria Stanton 1861 Frank Evans Unknown
Elizabeth Stanton 1862 Thomas Coughlin Seneca, Wisconsin in 1951
Edward Stanton 1863 Unknown 1932
Thomas Stanton 1865 Unknown 1944
Catherine Stanton 1867 Edward Ryan 1943
John Stanton 1868 Anna (last name unknown) 1923
Michael Stanton 1869 Catherine Mclaughlin 1946

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Family Members To Visit

        To visit the families of Nora Canty and Michael Stanton simply click on their name.

Parents of Nora Canty
Thomas Canty Unknown
Parents of Michael Stanton
Edmund Stanton Unknown
Children of Nora Canty and Michael Stanton
Margaret Stanton Maria Stanton Elizabeth Stanton Edward Stanton
Thomas Stanton Catherine Stanton John Stanton Michael Stanton

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