The Peter O'Byrne Family

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Back Row (Standing) From Left To Right:
Steven O'Byrne; Michael O'Byrne; Mary O'Byrne Galligan; Peter O'Byrne; & Hugh Edward O'Byrne
Front Row (Sitting) From Left To Right:
Rose Ann O'Byrne; Peter O'Byrne; Zeta O'Byrne Haan; Mary Mullen O'Byrne; & Bridget O'Byrne Bollinger

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Their Journey To America

        Peter O'Byrne was born in Dublin, Ireland on June 29th, 1823. It is believed Peter came to America between 1840 & 1850 but it is not known whether he came with his family or by himself. The only other known relatives of Peter were a brother named Steven and a sister named Mary whose whereabouts and family history are unknown. He came to New York where he met a woman named Mary Mullen (daugher of Hugh Mullen) and married her on February 25th, 1853. They eventually went west and settled in Lawler Iowa where he became a County Justice. They had a total of eight children: four boys named Peter, Hugh, Michael, and Steven; and four girls named Mary, Rose Ann, Bridget, and Zeta. Rose Ann O'Byrne married Eugene Canty, the youngest male child of Jerimiah Canty and Hanna Stanton on October 15th, 1890 and together had eight children.

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Family Dates To Remember

        The table below contains as much birth, marriage, and decease information as we could find for the family of Peter O'Byrne.

Husband and Wife
Name Birthdate/Place Marriage Date/Information Decease Date/Place
Peter O'Byrne Dublin, Ireland on June 29, 1822 Peter O'Byrne and Mary Mullen were married in New York, New York on Feb 25, 1853 Lawler, Iowa on Oct 25, 1916
Mary Mullen Ireland on March 14 1827 Lawler, Iowa on Feb 12, 1901
Children of Peter O'Byrne and Mary Mullen
Name Birthdate/Place Marriage Date/Information Decease Date/Place
Peter E. O'Byrne Jr. Oct 7, 1855 Rosie Smith May 17, 1930
Mary Elizabeth O'Byrne Racine, Wisconsin on Dec 5, 1858 Phillip Galligan on May 20, 1885 1937. Buried at Mt. Carmel cemetery in Lawler, Iowa
Hugh Edward O'Byrne Oct 16, 1862 Catherine Josephine Ward on May 14, 1896 Jan 31, 1927
Steven A. O'Byrne Lawler, Iowa on April 18, 1864 Never Married Feb 19, 1895
Rose Ann O'Byrne Lawler, Iowa on Jan 25, 1866 Eugene Francis Canty at Lawler, Iowa on Oct 15, 1890 Lawler, Iowa on Aug 16, 1944. She was buried at Mt. Carmel cemetery
Michael J. O'Byrne Lawler, Iowa on Sept 6, 1868 Teresa Rooney Unknown
Bridget E. O'Byrne Lawler, Iowa on Feb 26, 1872 Will Bollinger 1950
Zeta O'Byrne New York, New York on April 2, 1886 John Hann Nov 5, 1974

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Family Members To Visit

        To visit some of the other members of the Peter O'Byrne and Mary Mullen family simply click on their name.

Parents of Peter O'Byrne
Unknown Unknown
Parents of Mary Mullen
Hugh Mullen Mary Donahue
Children of Peter O'Byrne and Mary Mullen
Peter O'Byrne Jr. Mary O'Byrne Hugh Edward O'Byrne Steven.O'Byrne
Rose Ann O'Byrne Michael J. O'Byrne Bridget E.O'Byrne Zeta.O'Byrne

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