The William Adrain Walsh Family

There is no known family picture of William Adrain Walsh at this time

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Life In America

        Wiliam Andrain Walsh was born in Vail, Iowa on April 12, 1899 to parents John J. Walsh and Elizabeth Lane. Sometime during 1902 William and his family moved near Armour, South Dakota where he met and married a woman named Ellen Theresa O'Brien. Together, William and Ellen had nine children, six boys named James Adrain, Mark Anthony, John Joesph, Robert Gregory, Thomas Clare, and Roland Aurther and three girls named Mary Genevieve, Katherine Elizabeth, and Patricia Ann.  

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Family Dates To Remember

        The table below contains as much birth, marriage, and decease information as we could find for the family of William Adrain Walsh.

Husband and Wife
Name Birthdate/Place Marriage Date/Information Decease Date/Place
William Adrain Walsh April 12, 1899 in Vail, Iowa Vail, Iowa on Sept 23, 1878 Unknown
Ellen Theresa O'Brien Oct 22, 1899 in Elma Prairie, Iowa Unknown
Children of William Adrain Walsh and Ellen Theresa O'Brien
Name Birthdate/Place Marriage Date/Information Decease Date/Place
James Adrain Walsh March 1, 1924 in Armour, South Dakota Betty Eleanor Olson on Oct 27, 1947 N/A
Mark Anthony Walsh April 16, 1926 in Armour, South Dakota Barbara Louise Pauly on Jan 16, 1951 N/A
Mary Genevieve Walsh Sept 13, 1927 in Armour, South Dakota Herbert C. Krebs on April 14, 1947 N/A
Katherine Elizabeth Walsh Aug 15, 1929 in Armour, South Dakota Emil Paul Bruzek on Aug 18, 1947 N/A
John Joseph Walsh Sept 28, 1930 in Armour, South Dakota Fae Iris Spaulding on Dec 2, 1950 N/A
Robert Gregory Walsh Sept 4, 1932 in Armour, South Dakota Jo-Ann Rosella Housen on Feb 8, 1957 N/A
Thomas Clare Walsh Feb 8, 1934  in Armour, South Dakota Joel Katherine Levendoski on Aug 27, 1960 N/A
Patricia Ann Walsh Nov 6, 1936 in Armour, South Dakota James Robert Determan on Sept 9, 1955 N/A
Roland Arthur Walsh Oct 10, 1942 in Minnesota Clara Jayne Bearson on Dec 12, 1959 N/A

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Family Members To Visit

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Parents of William Adrain Walsh
John J. Walsh Elizabeth Lane
Parents of Ellen Theresa O'Brien
James Francis O'Brien Maria Canty
Children of William Adrain Walsh and Ellen Theresa O'Brien
James Adrain Walsh Mark Anthony Walsh Mary Genevieve Walsh
Katherine Elizabeth Walsh John Joseph Walsh Robert Gregory Walsh
Thomas Clare Walsh Patricia Ann Walsh Roland Arthur Walsh

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