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        Please be patient when surfing our site. Many of the pages contain large family pictures which take time to load when accessing our site through a computer modem. Since we are continuously adding new family history information on this site there exists the possibility that you will run into a dead link. Be advised that these dead links are only placeholders and will be further developed as time goes on. If there is any additional information or photos that you would like to provide about our family history or if there is any existing information that needs correcting please write to me or email me. Because photos take up a lot of room on our website it is recommended that family pictures be small. It would be better if these pictures were already in an electronic format in which case they can be emailed to me. However, I will take actual pictures and have them scanned into our website and I promise you, they will be returned undamaged. Any pictures and family information can be sent to me at the following addresses:

Michael W. Guenther

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        The family members, currently up on our website, are listed below by family name in alphabetical order from top to bottom. We will be adding to this list as each family's history page is developed. To access their history simply click on the family name or the individual name.

The Bruess's
Brian Joesph Bruess Jennifer Lou Bruess Kelly Ann Bruess Michelle Lynn Bruess
The Canty's
Eugene Francis Canty Eugene Vincent Canty Florence Ann Canty Jeremiah Canty
Madonna Bernadette Canty Margaret Canty Maria Canty Marie Genevieve Canty
Nora Canty Owen Canty Pearl Gertrude Canty Thomas Canty
Rose Mary Canty      
The Goss's
Ambrose Michael Goss Cheryl Ann Goss Eugene Francis Goss James Patrick Goss
James Patrick Goss (2) Jan Marie Goss Joseph John Goss Madonna Rose Goss
Michael John Goss Sue Ellen Goss William Patrick Goss William Joseph Goss
Eugene Ambrose Goss Madonna Jean Goss Elizabeth Ann Goss  
The Guenther's
Charles Joseph Guenther George Henry Guenther Sr. George Henry Guenther Jr. Linda Anne Guenther
Michael William Guenther Charles Joseph Guenther Jr    
The Heyberger's
Joseph Heyberger Mary Louise Heyberger    
The Kane's
Cornelius John Neil Kane Elizabeth Ann Kane Mary Catherine Kane Mary Ellyn Kane
Rita Jane Kane      
The Mullen's
Bernard Mullen Bridget Mullen Elizabeth Mullen Hugh Mullen
John Mullen Mary Mullen Michael Mullen Rose Mullen
The O'Donnell's
Colleen Mary O'Donnell Dennis John O'Donnell Margaret O'Donnell Mary Patricia O'Donnell
Maureen O'Donnell      
The O'Byrne's
Bridget E.O'Byrne Hugh Edward O'Byrne Mary O'Byrne Michael J. O'Byrne
Peter O'Byrne Peter O'Byrne Jr. Rose Ann O'Byrne Zeta.O'Byrne
The Quirk's
Amy Louise Quirk Eugene Thomas Quirk Francis Joseph Quirk John Robert Quirk
Michael Mathew Quirk Penny Jo Quirk William James Quirk William John Quirk
William Lowell Quirk      
The Stanton's
Catherine Stanton Edmund Stanton Ellen Stanton Elizabeth Stanton
Hannah Stanton Margaret Stanton Michael Stanton  
The Stuckey's
Anne Elizabeth Stuckey Mary Johanna Stuckey Patrick James Stuckey Phillip LaVerne Stuckey
Catherine Schlick Patrick Sheridan Mary Kelly Elizabeth Lane
William O'Brien John J. Walsh Mary Plunkett Terrance Reilly
Mary Donahue Timothy Richard Stickney

Mary Lou Hoey

James Francis O'Brien
Donna Marie Stickney Francis Paul Walsh Lora Anne Kincaid William Adrain Walsh
Joan Marie Dieter Catherine Ann Dieter Jennifer Mary Oetzel Chris Dean Gabriel
Mark Wayne Baros      

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